Welcome to hell

Build menacing machines to punish sinners till they repent
Collect the cries and monetize to build your hell empire.

Harvest resources, build machines
Level up and unlock more avatars

make decoration items and decorate your part of the land. farm exotic plants and earn more experience and feed your hell divlets (small animals), defend machines from divlets and monsters. unlock more land to gain access to new dumps to get more resources and expand your empire.

Farm Exotic Plants
Exotic and horrowing plants

Find random seeds from harvests and grow them to get more output.

What is hellcorp
What to do
Collect resources from hell dumps

Upper hell constantly throws away unused resources and hell business like yours get them.

Keep an eye on the constant drops, dont let them miss, every resource is important and machines take lot of resources to be built.

Craft parts for machines

All machines requires a lot of parts to be completely built.

Its basically a time management system, dont waste time, keep an eye on resources and keep building parts as soon as you can, when all parts are done make sure to create machine and put it to work.

Create Machines

Machines are the most important part of hell corp.

Machines gives your sinners repent experience and lot of resources, so keep building them as soon as you have resources for it, machines have diffrent time to run and output is also keeps increasing based on machine type, all machines can be found in the crafting menu.


You are in hell, its full of creatures.

Creatures can give your seeds, resources and experience, so if you can, find and hunt them. but not all of them are easy, so if you dont have weapons yet to kill a dangerous one, keep distance till you get enough weapons to do the same.

Unlock many avatars

The character you start in the game is not the only one.

you can unlock many avatars using game experience you earn. each avatar also has some seperate skills, even some areas in level are locked for such skills.