What is Last Toon Standing

A Battle Royal Sandbox Singleplayer, land on large island with many NPC's and battle it out in ever decreasing battle area, keep fighting till you die or kill everyone else.

Start in lower difficulty - starting in normal mode is the way to go for new players, then when you have won a few match, go for hard mode.

Try diffrent locations - if you are playing on the Big island, you can choose your own drop location, try diffrent location, some locations are very rewarding with loot and ammo.

Take cover and lean - Take cover behind objects and use Q and E to lean to fire on enemy.

Bleeding - when you are hit and health goes down, initially you don't die, you bleed, and have time to apply a health kit to resume health again. Does not happen every time though.

Lobby - when game starts this is the level you gets in, it's a place for you to have fun around, pick up weapons, learn controls, practise aiming. Then press ‘H’ anytime to start a new match




Safe Zone

Projectile Weapons



Weapon Customizations