About us


Game development is fun. There's programming, design, testing and just plain good old silliness. started from very simple fruit catching games to complex farming games we are now diving into Unity Gaming. Boy that is fun. we have experience in full featured multilingual game portals, where you can upload and manage multiple flash and unity games and have a game portal of your own.

How do we do it

Basically its same as other type of developements only the fact that it has more creativity to it... Art and Sound FX are of paramount important to games, we can take either one of the path, Art first and then coding, or second, coding first with bare items and then art. if you have your scenario completed and nothing much is to be devised, having art prepared and sound Fx ready saves a lot of time and effort. However when games are big like farming, simulation games then it is generally better to start with bare minimum art or Mockup art (simple cheaper art in place of final one)

During the developement final art can be devised and replaced in game whenever possible. Same thing applies for strategy games, as they are big and scenarios change during development ( they often does ) so developement is done using placeholder graphics and later replaced with the final changes. So basically its fun what we do, and want our clients to have the same... Enjoy.